Sunday, July 13, 2008

Early anniversary on the Spirit of Philadelphia

Who said you can't celebrate your anniversary early? My wife and I decided to take a dinner cruise on the Spirit of Philadelphia and we had a great time. Our five-year anniversary isn't until next month, but it's our 5th! Doesn't that milestone require an anniversary quarter?

As you can see, it was beautiful. The nice sunset on a dinner cruise up and down the Delaware River. I brought along one of my older, retired cameras and my wife had me change my settings so she could take a few shots of me. I like this one.
Of course I had to get a few shots of her in various poses. True to my nature, I had to take a natural shot of her checking emails and calls on her Blackberry. She always asks why I get to pick the images of me and my response is always the same... he holds the key to the images gets to hand them out
Well, I can't wait for next month when we get to spend some time together on the West Coast. Don't ask me where. My wife loves to plan things so I only gave a couple of suggestions. Then she plans it. I ask when we are leaving and for how long we are staying. I figure I don't need to know all the details as long as we're there together.

Stay posted for those images...

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