Monday, January 26, 2009

Martin Luther King Jr Celebration

This year, the Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration held in Wilmington, DE featured Chris Gardner as the keynote speaker. Chris Gardner is well known for his best selling autobiography and successful movie version, The Pursuit of Happyness. I had a great time donating my services to cover such an event. There were many adults and children eager to see what new and exciting exhibits and presentations were available. They were not disappointed.

Chris has a great story which is way better than the movie. So pick up a copy of his autobiography. I picked up one and a signature from the author.

Chris is a great guy with a great sense of humor. He decided I need a two more ears in this quick shot we took. Later he posed with the event design team me.

View the slideshow...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Rod

You certainly have a great eye for a picture. These are fantastic.

Mark D.

Carlos said...

Nice slide show man. You have a lovely family glad to see you guys are blessed and doing well out on that cold East coast.
Go jags!!!

Bruce said...

Very nice Rod. Love the photojournalistic style.