Monday, May 4, 2009

Corinne - A Day in the Life

Corinne is a high achiever with many accomplishments to her name. On this day, I had the opportunity to document a day in her life with her latest milestone of her prom. No prom day would be fitting without fresh make up and hair styling from the professionals. In the presence of her onlooking father, she transformed from the day to day to Miss Extraordinaire.
It was a fun day hanging out with Corinne and her family learning about the major tasks and volunteer efforts she had done. Using my prime lenses, I was able to up the ISO and capture nice photos in her home with no flash (except for one or two posed shots). Outdoors, lovely shallow depth of field portraits were achieved of her, her date and her friend.

A fairy tale ending for a princess to be home by midnight (or there about).

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