Sunday, August 30, 2009

Belvedere Family and Friends Day

We received a special invite a little late so my boys and I made our way to enjoy the family friendly event sponsored by the Belvedere Volunteer Fire Department. My wife headed the opposite direction for a previous commitment.

Coming from an earlier photoshoot, I decided to carry along one of my D3's to capture the festivities with whatever ambient lift that was available. From the start my sons enjoyed the moon-bounce and the music.
A few members of the community brought out their show cars showcasing the results of timeless hours they spent preparing the vehicles for shows and competitions. We had seen the movie Transformers so my oldest was very interested in the yellow and black car. He told me it was Bumblebee and asked if it was a real transformer. I told him unfortunately not, but it was a true transformation to a nice show car.

The festivities wrapped up with drawings for family fun prizes and school supplies giveaways. The sun took a nosedive and I spent the second half of my time shooting at high ISO going for the mood.
This was a great event centered around family, one of my favorite subjects. If my calendar is free, I would enjoy returning. Next time, I would arrive a little earlier. By the time I had wrapped up my photoshoot, gathered my boys and arrived, just about all of the fish was gone. I still had a sufficient supply of grilled meats, but I missed the southern styled fried fish. Maybe next time at this event or when I'm in the South.

View a quick slideshow of the event's highlights...

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Melissa said...

Wow...What great pictures!!! It sounded like you guys had a great time!!!