Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kevin - Corporate Head and Image Session

Sometimes the best place is out of place.

Kevin told me he wanted the look similar to my profile picture. I asked him what was that and he told me... that look. And all that time I thought he was talking about contrast and shadows. We all see things differently.
When I picked the location for the shoot, I wanted texture and something that put a DJ out of place. In place could have been any city look with graffiti or not for that urban look. However, this spot was clean, had white clouds on a blue background, and beautiful red brick. It was the spot.

The rest was to be filled with the emphasis of focus on my subject, Kevin.
Two lenses (zoom + 85mm fixed) gave me the depth I needed. Ambient light gave me the contrast I like and a flash blend lightened the shadows to give detail for those selected frames.

I sought to capture an essence of Kevin as I saw him. Solid and in the groove of his profession.


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Marquise said...

awsome!!!... best photographer in the world.... good work!!

Rodrick Moore said...

I received confirmation from Kevin that he indeed loved the session and photos. The essence has been captured.