Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pinch More Than an Inch Challenge

When I was younger (under 10 years old) I really did not understand the "pinch more than an inch" phrase. No matter where I pinched, I only grabbed skin. It was confusing.

Fast-forward a few decades and I get the point. I can now pinch more than inch in most places. Generally, I'm a fairly slim person, but i was once told that "skinny people can be fat too." How true that is.

This year is a monumental year in my life, business and a few other things. So, this year my plan is to get back into my twenty-something shape. Plus, I can't be outdone by my wife who has just delivered our youngest son and is getting in shape for a trip to the islands. Stay tuned for my journey back into shape.

Here is a video from 1979.

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LaShawanda said...

You are funny, Baby! You still look great! I love you just the way you are!!!