Sunday, April 11, 2010

Our Room at Cancun Palace in Cancun, Mexico

This room is nice with double beds (a single king would have been great for us), jacuzzi tub, HDTV, bottomless bar (we really don't drink), and more.
The walk out balcony put this at the top of my list for places to stay. The doors open wide to let in the ocean breeze.
Did I say that this was a free trip LaShawanda received from lia sophia? It included this great bag with beach towel/robes.
The owner of lia sophia left a little note and bottle of wine for us in our room. Nice points scored here.
More of the view. I also found out about 1,000 lia sophia people and their guest are here. We made their week a bellhop told us. Only 200 other guests are here.
La could not get enough of the view.


Sharna said...

I wanna go!!! Have a good time!

RodRick Moore said...

lia sophia is having the Puerto Rico trip coming soon. La has already marked our calendar and is working toward that trip for two. Soooo... set your goal, meet it and join us in Puerto Rico!
- RodRick

Nneka said...

Absolutely Beautiful view!!

Anonymous said...

Have a great time guys!!!!!!

Rodrick, this message is just for you. I know you love La alot more than Lia Sophia does. I know for fact your anniversary is in August. So, my brother, you better BRIIIIIIIIING IT!!!


Anonymous said...

Girl, I'm glad to hear that you guys have a great time. When we were there it rained the entire time. Hope to see you in Puerto Rico.