Saturday, May 15, 2010

Delaware Ovarian Cancer Foundation 2010 Teal Ribbon 5K Run-Walk

The morning began overcast until the clouds parted to bring full view of this worthy event. The Delaware Ovarian Cancer Foundation (DOCF) held its annual 5K run/walk event to raise founds for the fight against ovarian cancer. I was honored to have been asked to document this year's event.

Before the start of the run/walk, doves were released and then the race for a cure was underway. Participants ranged from infants to seniors, all in support of loved ones or strangers who may fall victim to the disease.

I decided that 5K was a bit far to walk and carry my gear, so I hung out at the start / finish location. The track covered a great portion of the Wilmington downtown riverfront area. At the end of the race, everyone was eager to see the results.

Special speakers were Dr. Mark Cadungog, M.D., Rep William A. Oberle, Jr., and Sen Karen E. Peterson.
Here is a video of the event and the excitement. Enjoy.

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