Sunday, August 17, 2008

Day 1 - Anniversary Getaway to San Francisco

We're here and my wife, La, is cleaning...
This year, my wife and I decided to stay stateside for our anniversary trip.  If you know LaShawanda, then you know she wants to keep everything clean... or at least start clean. She originally borrowed the cleaning solution from the cleaning crew, but later decided to run the local store and get better products. "Clorox is your friend."
No spot was immune to her task. It was much cleaner than we we arrived.

San Francisco Pier 39
We were side tracked into a time share presentation with the lure of great gifts. They said it would take 90 minutes and they would provide lunch. As hungry as we were, we accepted the lunch and ate our fill. THREE hours later we emerged with a gift package and no time share. Go figure.

Yes, it is almost always foggy here. I guess this is what keeps the temperature pretty cool to cold. We're wearing jackets.

The locals at Pier 39
Here's a few quick shots of the locals. These guys are everywhere! These floating docks were especially placed for them to draw the tourists.

I guess seals can be entertaining, but we were on our way out to view the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz.

The Golden Gate Bridge

Through the fog, the Golden Gate Bridge started to emerge. It looked massive from the distance and even more so as we approached.

The supports towered into the low hanging clouds (fog) giving it a majestic look.

Because we traveled under the bridge, I could get shots only of each side. How's this one?

Did I mention that it was cold? Here's La warming herself with some hot chocolate. We wanted to the sunset, but I guess the fog was a bit too heavy. Never the less, our next stop was dinner with our free dinner voucher from the timeshare adventure.

This place is impressive. We viewed it from the boat. I'm not sure if we will go take the inside tour, but I can see why they figure it was hard to escape. The water is frigid cold and the tides take you straight back to it.

Unlike the inmates, we could see it disappear from the rear of the boat.
Did I mention it's cold in San Francisco?

La taking a sip of hot chocolate on our boat ride.
These guys followed the boat and floated pretty close to us. Our boat had three decks and we were on the top deck. A passenger extended out a french fry and this guy floated through the air close enough to grab it from her fingers.

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