Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day 3 - Anniversary Trip

Breakfast at Mama's on Washington Square

We had a great time in San Francisco, but we had one more stop after checking out... Mama's restaurant for breakfast. Mama's on Washington Square sat at the corner of Filbert and Stockton which made it hard to find a parking spot. La stood in line while I almost drove back to the hotel to find a spot and then hike back. I can say we got our walking in.

The menu was great and made it hard for us to choose.
Warning! Crackberry sighting! La tried hiding it under the table, but the camera found her.

A meal well eaten...

Redwood Trees at Muir Woods

Bye bye Golden Gate Bridge. We have an appointment at Muir Woods. I always wanted to see the tall Redwood trees in California (other trees will be the Sequoias in Yosemite).

Did I mention how much walking we have been doing? Well, we had to park about a mile away and walk back to the park. We were happy to see we only had 500 feet to go.

The trees were magnificent! Tall!

Who's that in there?

Sonoma Valley - Wine Country
The drive to Sonoma Valley was scenic though it was pretty flat. Toward the rear of the resort was a great mountain (or large hill).

Ooops! Another crackberry sighting!

The little town of Sonoma has a Farmers' Market in the town center every Tuesday and it's Tuesday! We cancelled our dinner reservations and joined in the fun and made a meal from all of the vendors.

Now that's one satisfied person... or is she thinking about the spa for tomorrow?

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