Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Day 4 - Anniversary Trip

Breakfast at Carneros Bistro
La and I decided to eat local this morning. At least local to our hotel room since we had a 9AM appointment at the resort's spa. So the local restaurant - Carneros Bistro and Wine Bar was on our list. This proved to be the second beast breakfast we had on our trip, thus far.

The pancakes were light and fluffy along with an omelet of all egg whites. La loved the syrup which had a nice smooth taste. I recommend eating here!

Relaxation at the Raindance Spa

Our appointment at the resort's Raindance Spa was a brisk walk to the rear of the property. We were about an hour early since our breakfast went so fast (quick service) so after getting into our robes, we relaxed in the spa's courtyard.

La told me I was so relaxed that she heard me snoring! Hey, it was great just to lay there without running all over the place. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Now that the massage was done, we decided to jump in the whirlpools before we started our winery visits.

First Stop - Gundlach Bunschu Winery in Sonoma Valley

Gundlach Bundshu Winery is one of the oldest family owned winery in the area. The grounds were beautiful and large, which allowed for many different flavors and climates for the grapes.

La and I decided to have a mini photoshoot to send images back to our lovely boys and my mom (who's keeping them for us). We figured we would play around with the 85mm fixed lens at almost wide aperture to get some real shallow depth of field shots.

We had to get a few shots of both of us with the 17-55mm lens at arm's length. I guess lay wanted to keep my head from floating away ;-)
Maybe it was screwed on tightly for this shot.

Second Stop - Buena Vista Winery in Sonoma Valley

Do you swallow the wine? Swallowing 5 to 10 samples per visit can get you a little woozy. Maybe that's why they start with the less expensive and move you to the extremely priced wines as you progress through the tasting. No wine purchase yet, but it's great to have GPS to get us to the next winery.

Third Stop - Benzinger Winery in Sonoma Valley

We barely missed the last guided tour of the grounds at Benziger Winery. So we settled for the wine tasting instead. Remember what I said earlier about wine tasting and prices? Well, this was our last winery stop for the day and over a couple dozen tastes (swallows) later we bought a wine.

Fuzzy grapes? They look like kiwi to me.
Jack London Village - Great for Chocolate and Cheese

We decided to stop at Jack London Village on our way from our last winery to taste some chocolates and cheese. After all that wine tasting, trying purchasing and eating cheese and chocolate was a must.

We'll have to get more of this cheese later!

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