Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Finer Womanhood Event

The Philadelphia chapter of the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority held yet another excellent event the other weekend. The Finer Womanhood Luncheon honored several key people who have made great contributions to the community ranging from a motivated child to an always caring couple.

However, the event would not have been a signature event without the sea of different hats displayed by the members. Waves of white, blue, black and more gave a brilliant glow to the room. There were several vendors showcasing even more hats that were sure to be worn at next year's event.

Between my zoom lens and 50mm, I preferred the 50mm wide open for these up close photos using the ambient lighting. These ladies were dressed to impress and did not mind a little camera time.
The fashion show started off with an outstanding dance number which was followed up by many fashionable wear for both men and women by local designers. I would surely like to see my wife in some of these nice dresses. Now let me pause to say that my wife always dresses nice and keeps me from throwing on my old jeans and shirt from time to time, but these would make a great addition to her wardrobe.
Perched on my ladder I had an excellent view of the parade of colors and styles. I shared my spot with Jerry a videographer who had a nice digital video camera and Mitchell another photographer. There was plenty of space for us and the wait staff who traveled back and forth in front of us (good thing for the ladder to take me above them). I really enjoyed having Jerry there because he had one great spotlight on top of his gear. This additional light helped with focusing whenever I was shooting what he was shooting. At other times I had to rely on the D3's to catch the fast motion before the remote flash popped.

I'm comfortable in pink and could see myself in this denim outfit with matching shirt. The models always make these things look good. This reminds me that there was a very vocal group of ladies seated a table immediately in front of my position and at the head of the runway. I think they just about whistled or cheered when every male model strolled their way.

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LaShawanda said...

Beautiful work, Rodrick!!

Val Villines said...

Wonderful job, Rod! Your work is impeccable! Val

Shante said...

Finer and Phenomenal Work! Every moment of the day was truly captured and brilliantly photographed. With much appreciation from the 2009 Zeta of the Year.

Carol Dash said...

Rod, your skills are IMPECCABLE! You can make a napkin look have an awesome eye and are a STAR Quality producer! Let me know if you ever need any audience extras...LOL!

Carol Dash