Monday, June 15, 2009

BPAS - Family Photography Workshops Beyond Point and Shoot

I have been asked many times for advice on photography methods and if I give classes.  On rare occasions I have given private lessons, but had not given workshops much thought until now.

Why now?  Well, because as I enjoy the moments I spend with sons capturing the little things they do, I realize the connection my clients have when they request my services.  These loving parents want to document a special time in the life of their family.  Some of these moments happen when I am there and other moments are not so structured and occur at the oddest of times.  If I have my camera available, I capture it as close to the way it occurs as I can.  Most of my parent clients would like to do the same.  So, I have started gathering my notes from what I have done or shared to put together the BPAS Workshops.

Here's how to tell if BPAS is for you:
  • You are a parent or grandparent of small children
  • You love or want to take pictures of your children
  • You want more than the traditional and common point and shoot poses
  • You want to get more out of your camera
Well, BPAS is designed so you, the common parent can feel comfortable with your camera and take pictures beyond the stop-pose-point-and-shoot method.  Topics include camera basics, advanced camera settings, personal style and digital file management.  Yes, I have forgone film years and years ago and like the quick gratification of digital.

The workshops are structured for small group, direct interaction between me and the parents.  There will be hands-on activities setup in a comfortable family room setting staying away from the technical theory and more toward the application to get family album results.  The information is derived from my personal documenting style for my clients and my own family life.

If you are interested, send me an email or use the contact link and I will add you to the distribution list to be notified as the sessions are scheduled.

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