Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What I Love about Apple

Aside from the cool factor, beautifully designed hardware, and knowledgeable people to assist you, Apple works at reducing the size of its software. The latest version of the operating system, OS X Snow Leopard is 7 GB smaller than the current version. My dust collecting Windows run computers experienced large leaps in size of their operating systems.

I do like the fact that when I upgrade, the process is pretty easy. Apple products are on the upper end because a lot of research and development goes into them to make them what consumers like me desire and obtain. When it comes to upgrading, Apple generally keeps that simple too by offering a low price to not only upgrade a single computer, but for upgrading a family of five from a single disk. With currently three Macs, I need the family pack.

If you are on the borderline of leaping into a Mac, now is as good a time as any to jump in with Snow Leopard. I can't wait to get my copy soon.

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Anonymous said...

I've loaded to my MB Pro and it's looking good. Now I need to figure out when I will load it to my MB and iMac.

- Rodrick