Thursday, November 26, 2009

Moore Maternity Session

Wow! It's just around the corner when my family will be introduced to our newest member. We can't wait.

My sons continue to claim things for the new baby and are ready to start playing with him. For my wife and I, we're taking it one step at a time. With a growing family comes growing needs.

We felt it was the right time to have our session. Out came the gear and the wireless trigger for the camera. The trick was to keep the boys in position and be themselves without going overboard. At that point, they would go watch their favorite movies while we continued. The boys fell right in.

The good thing about the remote is that I can't set up a rigid pose, but show everyone a location and let them fill the scene with their personality. There are no mirrors and no one behind the camera (when I'm in the scene). There is only what happens.

Check out the results of our session on the following slideshow...

Music volume and disable controls are at the left.

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Jan said...


These are AWESOME pictures!

Ms Jan (Cornerstone)