Monday, December 7, 2009

Michael and Myoshi Family Portraits

Can a family be any more cute? Michael and Myoshi have such a beautiful family. Their personality just draws you in to them.
I generally like to start with the formal pose and then move into the fun stuff. However, these two adorable little girls stole the show from the beginning and dictated fun first. They are my kind of people.
Myoshi requested a backdrop for some of her family portraits to have the classic look before moving into the lifestyle shots. I set up a nice backdrop in their kitchen, opened the curtains, added some light and let the little girls have their fun.
Within and hour of shooting, we moved through three different scenes in their home. Family portraits, in my opinion, is what it's all about. It's about the love, the fun, the future and the memories.

I really enjoyed this session.

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Anonymous said...

LaTasha Samuels (Facebook)
These pic's are beautiful..
Mon at 10:55pm

Andrea Linnear said...

OMG! Rod, the Christmas tree shots are priceless!! Great lighting.