Monday, April 13, 2009

Huey and Nneka are expecting...

One of my favorite brides is expecting her first child and had a nice baby shower at her hometown in Louisiana. Nneka and Huey have settled on a baby theme of frogs for their little child. However, I was told that the room was not yet ready, but should be by the time he arrives. Yes, he. They decided to find out who was on the way.
I guess knowing is great because the room had a nice feeling of a boy's room with the frogs and blue accents. I really loved the army of frogs on the second cake.
I haven't been a regular at baby showers, but I have found they have some good games to include nursery rhyme trivia and baby BINGO. This reminds me that one of the best loved games is not to say baby or forfeit your clothes pin. One attendee was the queen of the hill with her listening and collecting skills. Needless to say, she won that round.

I decided to go 95% of my shots available light on this one. When I did use flash, I didn't like them as much. At ISO 1600 and above, I was able to pull some nice shots which were representative of the event.

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sharifah37 said...

So sorry to miss the shower but I feel so priviledged to have photos of the shared happy moments and also to see the happy, expectant parents. Nneka is beautiful and appears to be happily anticipating the arrival of a baby boy. The photos brought me right there to the shower. Thank you, Rodrick and La, for including me. Also had fun with the boys last P.M. Aren't you glad that me and the elephant wore them out? Your sons were fun, energetic and oh so smart. I now know why God makes mothers (parents) young.

Nneka said...

Rod, the pictures are awesome!!! Thank you so much for capturing the next journey in Huey's and my life. We really appreciate it!!!

Rodrick Moore said...

I had a great time watching the excitement of you and your guests. Increasing your family size is a major new step in your marriage and I'm happy to be a part of it, documenting the story.

Vanessa Carmouche said...

I love it!!! You're such a cute pregnant lady...LOL I really wish I could have made it to see you. Be blessed with the rest of your pregnancy. I can't wait to see Little Huey...LOL Luv ya Nneka